The Short Cycle



The most convincing arguments in favour of MECOBOND are economic. Reductions in cycle time of up to 50% have been recorded for serialproduction tooling.

The systematic high cooling capacity dramatically shortens the solidification and cooling times for castings of all types, whether they are thin-walled parts with large surface areas, or more compact ones with widely differing wall thicknesses.

Example: Plastic Injection molding
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In a steel mold, the "average" distance of the water-cooling system from the mold contour is 25 mm. The thickness of the steel contour in the MECOBOND mold on the other hand, is 6 mm, while the distance of the water from the contour remains unchanged.

In this case, the MECOBOND mold has four times the cooling capacity of the steel mold. This in turn leads to a considerable reduction in the solidification and cooling periods within the casting cycle.


Example: High Pressure Die Casting (Metal Casting)

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